Hey! I'm Jana.

I'm a mama of three and a wife to my college sweetheart. By day, I work as a certified gear expert at a popular baby boutique in my area. I'm also a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. Every day, I get to talk with moms–expecting mamas, twin mamas, mamas of three, mamas of seven, grand-mamas...and it is my favorite thing in the world.

Being a mama is my greatest passion, and I love getting to share the joy with others who are also embarking on the great adventure that is motherhood. Let me introduce you to the little crew that calls me mama:

My babies are Joshua, Felicity, and Theodore

Joshua is the oldest of the bunch. He is curious, social, and tenderhearted. He absolutely loves to learn and he loves to figure out how things work. He is a whiz at puzzles–he did his first 100 piece puzzle all on his own two weeks before his third birthday. No joke! Joshua is very concerned about people's feelings, and loves to do little things to make others happy, whether that's making someone's bed for them, giving a hug, or creating a hand drawn card.

Felicity is my middle child–she's one middle child though, who fights the stereotype. She would never let anyone forget about her. She is loud, spunky, extremely active, and a natural born leader. She loves to have fun. She's spontaneous and hilarious. This girl is the comic relief of our family. She has a knack for breaking any tension that may arise by saying something hysterical and leaving everyone in stitches. 

Theodore is our sweet baby. He's officially our last child, and I couldn't have asked for a better baby to close the child-bearing years of my life. Theodore is such a social little guy. All he needs is someone to talk to or cuddle with, and he is the happiest kid in the world. He's got the cheesiest grin, and such a bright, happy soul. He loves music, and he'll start bobbing his head to the rhythm the second a beat starts playing. 

As amazing as my babies are, life as a mama isn't perfect. Sometimes we all test each other's patience. One of my favorite things about motherhood though, is realizing just how much these little people have to teach me. They make me better every day, and I love them so much for that. My goal is to enjoy motherhood a little bit more each day I have with these little people.

I hope I can help you do the same.